A warm welcome to you, dear reader! This is my first attempt at a blog post. It’s also my first attempt at using WordPress and building a website on their platform. So far it’s going well – it’s easy for me to navigate and change. Generally these things involve a lot of swearing on my part, but it’s been pretty smooth. And no, they aren’t paying me to say this.

This blog is going to be updated regularly with book reviews (my favorite genres are science fiction, horror and fantasy), television and movie commentary, and updates on my progress as I journey into the convoluted world of self-publishing. There will also be posts on my creative process, links to writing resources I stumble upon for your reference as well as mine, and any other information I think you might find interesting. There might also be some rants and ramblings. No, there will definitely be some of that. I’m a tortured artist, after all. I promise to make them amusing.

I guess I should also write a general disclaimer: I’m sarcastic and cynical, have a very dry sense of humour, and frequently self-deprecate.  If you ever read something that sounds ludicrous, it’s probably because I intended it to be. When in doubt, leave a scathing comment and I’ll be sure to clarify.

Thanks for getting this far! Happy reading, and be sure to subscribe to my newsletter.

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